Mindset Befriender - Get InVolved (Not active at the moment)

  • Mental Health
  • Befriending/Mentoring
  • All of West Dunbartonshire
  • The time commitment is flexible based on the time you have available but we generally ask for 2-4 hours per week Monday - Friday during the day and we ask you to make a commitment of 12 months to the service.
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Across West Dunbartonshire, many people live alone and can often feel isolated. Life can be tough. We will all live through a mental health issue at some point. Some of us cope alone. Some of us turn to family and friends. For others it can be more of a struggle without anyone to turn to. You could be the person who provides that vital support. Maybe you have lived through the feeling yourself. Maybe you have supported a family member or friend, or maybe you have learned skills you would like to share. With your help, someone in our community could feel supported, less alone and more able to face things.

People participating in the MIndset service have worked with us to highlight some key things that matter to them that they think could help make their life healthier and happier. We need you to help them achieve that. We will ask you to keep in touch, meet up and maybe go along to a service or activity until the person feels confident to go alone.

With your help we can fight the stigma that still exisits around mental health. We need you to be a good listener, help build the confidence that encourage's people to find what's right for their lives and have the ability to laugh at the world and all its barriers.

If this sounds like you, all we ask is a couple of hours of your time every week over a year. We will be here to provide training, and any help and support you need.

Due to Covid we have had to have a flexible approach to our opportunities so depending on the restrictions that are in place at any point the opportunities may come under one of the following options:
Open for recruitment and placement
Open for recruitment and risk assessed placement activity
Open for some recruitment and some risk assessed placement activity
Open for some recruitment but currently closed to placement activity
Closed for all recruitment and placement activity

Travel Info
You will receive out-of-pocket expenses.
Minimum age 18
- PVG Required

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