ACCESS Call Handler Get InVolved

  • Physical Disability, Elderly
  • Advice/Information, Admin/Office Work
  • Clydebank
  • 2 - 4 hours a week, Monday to Friday during the day. We ask that you make a commitment of at least 6 months
  • Website

ver know when you or someone you know may need help getting in touch with a service to help support you. Whether through lack of digital access, age or disability, not knowing where to turn for the help you need can become a frustration or struggle; having access to the right information, from a trusted source at the right time could make all the difference.

ACCESS is a one-call helpline service, taking time to listen to what you need and directing you or referring you to the person you need to talk to. Or if you just aren't sure how to find out about something, like what bus takes you to the what hospital, ACCESS is here to help...and we need volunteers like you to help us run the service Monday to Friday.

The role is quite simple but so important. You will answer telephone calls to the ACCESS helpline, lending a supportive ear to our callers and then using our support database, provide the answers or information needed. You will be asked to complete a contact record for each call and keep track of any issues which are a bit challenging or where we need to do more homework! You will have a staff member around to check-in with if you are a bit lost or feel a little concerned about a request.

ou should be a good listener - and keen to help.
We have done all of the work on the database, but its the people skills you can bring that really matter. We know that often the thing people call with first is just an opener to the things that may really be bothering them or that they really need. They will only tell us when they trust us.
You should also be good to your word - if you say you will do something, then be sure that you have. People will be relying on you.

You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have brought re-assurance, care and support to people who needed your help. If you are looking to volunteer as part of your job-search, you will gain great telephone and call handling skills.
You will understand that for everyone safety you will be asked to go through a PVG (police) check.

Due to Covid we have had to have a flexible approach to our opportunities so depending on the restrictions that are in place at any point the opportunities may come under one of the following options:
Open for recruitment and placement
Open for recruitment and risk assessed placement activity
Open for some recruitment and some risk assessed placement activity
Open for some recruitment but currently closed to placement activity
Closed for all recruitment and placement activity

Travel Info
You will receive out of pocket expenses
Minimum age 18
- PVG Required
- Disabled Access available

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