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As part of the organisation, our Connections Volunteers offer the vital connection and
support our beneficiaries need. In the role of a Connections Volunteer, you will help support
a lonely individual via regular telephone calls.
Depending on the beneficiary’s requirements, you will remain their volunteer for the duration
of the project with the aim of integrating them back into the community and helping them
become confident and independent again. As a Connections Volunteer, you will have the
whole support of the Association behind you and a designated co-ordinator as your point of
contact. We will provide you with all the necessary training so you can rest assured that you
will have all the skills you need.

Not having someone to talk to during these challenging times can be lonely, particularly if the
person is used to social activities and spending time with others. A friendly, 30-minute chat
that you will offer will make all the difference.
What you will be doing
• Providing regular social interaction and support to RAF veterans via telephone
• Relaying any concerns to your Connections Coordinator
• Regularly submitting an activity log summarising your interactions so we can make
sure everyone is receiving the help they need
The skills you need

• Patience
• Empathy
• Good listener
• Ability to maintain boundaries

Minimum age requirement is 18.

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