Welfare Caller/Telephone Befriender

  • Elderly
  • Befriending/Mentoring
  • All of West Dunbartonshire
  • Monday-Friday 2-4 hours a week
  • Website

Across West Dunbartonshire, many people live alone and feel isolated. The reasons will be different - they may be housebound, have no close family or friends, or just feel anxious. In every case, what is missing is the chance to just blether. Care-givers are a great support, but they can’t give the time that some of our neighbours need.

If chatting about the weather, who’s who on TV, what team is playing best or just what’s happening in the world sounds like you…then we need your help!

A regular call from you will make all the difference to someone who may have little or no other company during the day.

All we ask from you is an hour or so of your time, a listening ear…and of course, your chat!

WDCVS VISA employability scheme is where volunteers who are actively looking for work can brush up on the skills that employers are looking for, the VISA certificate highlights the skills that the volunteer has achieved in their volunteer role, the certificate can be created and sent to them as a PDF.

Travel Info
Minimum age 18
- PVG Required

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