Salvesen mindroom centre

Salvesen Mindroom Centre

We’re Salvesen Mindroom Centre, a Scottish charity that supports, informs and empowers children and young people living with learning difficulties. Our vision is to become an internationally recognised centre of excellence in neurodiversity to help create a world in which no mind is left behind.

Many children and young people struggle to learn because they have a neurodevelopmental condition such as autism or dyslexia. The Salvesen Mindroom Centre supports those families by expanding universal knowledge about learning difficulties through research and training. And we give direct support so families can access information, education or health services.

  • Young People (12-25), Sensory Impairment, Mental Health, Local Community, Learning Disabilities, Education/Literacy, Children (0-11), Carers
  • Youth Work, Research/Policy Work, Fundraising, Campaigning/Lobbying, Advocacy/Human Rights, Advice/Information
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    • All of West Dunbartonshire

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