Blue triangle

Blue Triangle

We’re one of the largest homelessness and care transition organisation in Scotland and we focus on supporting amazing people and families with a lot of complex issues going on in their lives. Our Foundations are Love and Hope and our Mission is To Empower People to Thrive, so we aim to be a Springboard to Success not a Safety Net in Crisis.
What we do, we do with and out of love. We appreciate each person’s own circumstances, their journey and the future they want to make for themselves.
Hope is the thing that helps you keep going; without it we have nothing.

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  • Youth Work, Tutoring/Support, Sports/Outdoor Activities, Practical/DIY, Languages/Translation, Conservation/Gardening, Catering, Care/Support Worker, Befriending/Mentoring, Art/Music/Drama/Crafts), Admin/Office Work
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    • Clydebank

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