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Girlguiding Scotland

We’re over 300,000 girls from 4 to 18 who come together to laugh, learn, explore and have adventures.

We’re over 70,000 volunteers who make guiding happen by giving our time, talents, enthusiasm and care for girls.

We’re 25,000 local groups having fun and exploring activities week in, week out - from Aberdeen to Arundel and everywhere in between.

We’re her first night away, weekend camping adventures, summer music festivals, emailsto her MP about the things she cares about.

We’re the badges she collects to capture the journey she’s chosen – anything from mindfulness to rock-climbing to crafting to coding.

We’re a powerful collective voice – by girls, for girls – changing the world for the better.

We help all girls know they can do anything.

We’re Girlguiding.

  • Young People (12-25), Children (0-11)
  • Youth Work, Marketing/PR/Media, Fundraising, Finance/Accounting, Community/Economic Development, Campaigning/Lobbying, Art/Music/Drama/Crafts), Admin/Office Work
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    • All of West Dunbartonshire

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